How to use Hi to up your customer service

We've all done it. Listened to a voicemail and brain scheduled it for a follow up; but when you're crushing it, or being crushed it's hard to stay on top of your callbacks.
By Nick Kemp
December 16, 2019

When you’re crushing it, or being crushed it’s hard to stay on top of your voicemail callbacks.

Voice is a high priority medium that people tend to use when conveying emotion or timing is critical. In many parts of the world, voice is considered more professional than SMS and demands a certain priority.

Failing to reply to voicemail can cost you the deal, or worse, the next deal.

Reply with perfect timing

A recent survey of our customers showed that many of them use Hi Voicemail as a to-do list. Using the edit feature, you can easily the read/unread state of a message and check it off as done. It’s a quick and simple way to stay on top of your voicemail and reply in a reasonable time.

Delegate your way through the day

If you work with an assistant or administrator you can forward voicemail straight to their email. Handy if you’re on the road or need to reply with further information.

When I’m sick, I personally use the forward to email feature to delegate important voicemail to my team mates (as well as setting my “sick” greeting, more on that in a future post). This way I can have guilt free sick days; I know my team have got my back!

Too busy to talk?

Our number 1 reply feature is callback, but SMS can still be handy.

If you’re stuck in a meeting you can easily reply via SMS directly from the message, or swipe left on the message list. It’s a nice way to keep dialog flowing when you really can’t have a conversation.

In future posts we’ll look at how managing your greetings can be a good way to keep your customers informed and give them a sense of connection to you.

As always, if you have any tips or ideas, please share them with us!

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Nick is the lead developer at Hi Voicemail. You can usually find him coding or mountain biking.